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The confidence to know your vehicle is safe and secure

Straight Eight Logistics are able to offer short-term or long-term vehicle storage to our clients.


The storage facility offers climate-controlled facilities and the service provided by the team is bespoke on every level. You will have a single dedicated point of contact for all your automotive requirements whilst in storage, which can include cleaning, bespoke detailing, restoration, part sourcing, routine checks and maintenance.

There is also the option to have your imported car registered whilst it is in storage, in which case, all necessary paperwork will be completed on your behalf. We understand that both car and time are precious and that is why we will do everything to ensure that your luxury car is looked after to the highest standard.

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all vehicles are monitored by a sophisticated alarm system with motion detection and CCTV surveillance, which is linked to the Police and Fire departments and fully approved by a leading insurer.

Every car entrusted to the secure facility is covered by an indoor breathable car cover to protect paintwork and maintain privacy. At the end of the storage period fluid levels and tyre pressures are checked to ensure complete piece of mind upon collection.

If you would like further information regarding tariffs please fill in the storage quotation form or call us on +44 (0) 2035 404929.

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We can provide a UK vehicle registration service for clients who live outside the UK or simply prefer not to worry about the paperwork - from tax and insurance deadlines to penalties and fines, our service ensures all paperwork is handled by our office, as ‘registered keepers’ of the vehicle on your behalf.

We offer our international car shipping services to any destination in the World and regularly arrange air freight and containerised shipping by sea. If you require a quote for shipping or container loading, please contact us directly.

If you require regular use of your car then the classic car storage facility offers the perfect turn key service from battery conditioning and tyre care to bespoke detailing and parts sourcing. Simply let us know your requirements and we will ensure the vehicle is ready to go.