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Peter Bonham Christie, Director of Straight Eight Logistics
A Brief Biography

Straight Eight Logistics was founded following personal experience in arranging the covered car transportation of two classic cars to the Mediterranean and what materialised to be an evident gap in the market.


Peter Bonham Christie is a British businessman and entrepreneur who overcame severe dyslexia to build and sell his first company, Isis Office Hydration Ltd, for over £1m by the age of 31. From there he founded Straight Eight Logistics – a company specialising in classic and luxury car transportation by land, sea and air.

Born in Bath in 1981 to Richard and Shelia, Peter's dyslexia was diagnosed at a young age. With this in mind, his parents sent him to All Hallows Prep School followed by Millfield, in Somerset. Their renowned dyslexia departments and strong sports teams allowed Peter to channel his energies and he became the youngest first team Captain for skiing and sailing in Millfield’s history.

By the age of 13 he represented Great Britain in both sailing and skiing and, although a knee injury brought a premature end to his career on the slopes, Peter continued to compete for his country in sailing until as recently as 2010.

He is also an accomplished yacht and powerboat racer boasting numerous accolades, not least British Offshore Marathon Class D Champion 2011 and setting the 2012 British Speed Record on Lake Coniston, alongside partner Mel Hatton. He also successfully campaigned Farrs 40; Class I, and Mumm 30s, winning umpteen sailing titles and trophies including the famous Tour de France à la Voile, in which he competed four times, winning in each of the three classes.

With the exception of his sailing, Peter found university unchallenging and dropped out of a business degree to start up Isis Office Hydration, utilising a water source found at the family property in Dorset. The company, established in 2002 with just £20,000, achieved a regular turnover of around £1.2m with depots in Poole and London before Peter sold out to a nationwide market leader in water coolers 10 years later.

During this time, Peter also demonstrated his natural flare for engineering, redesigning his father’s invention, a marquee-cleaning machine, which he went on to sell and install on a global scale as an additional business venture.

Building on his Isis Office Hydration logistical expertise, and recognising a gap in the market for bespoke classic car transportation, Peter established Straight Eight Logistics in October 2012. Now in its fourth year of operation, the company has grown exponentially beyond any forecast business plan with its unique high-end service setting it clearly apart and beyond its competitors.

Striving for excellence is ingrained in the company’s DNA and resonates throughout its staff. Peter provides an inspirational driving force and the motivational tools to enable every member to be the best they can be. The resulting unparalleled service has rapidly established Straight Eight as one of the market leaders in moving the most irreplaceable and exotic cars around the world.

Far from being defined by dyslexia, Peter believes that it can actually be of benefit and it has helped him to excel in all areas of his life. As a teenager he recalls negotiating to buy a bike and having to drive the price down in order to be able to write the cheque in words he knew he could spell! He may still struggle to spell, but Peter instead excels at seeing solutions and opportunities where others cannot.

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