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Event transportation for the London-Lisbon rally

Specialists in classic and luxury car transportation, Straight Eight Logistics will be transporting competitors’ cars to and from the event from across the UK and Europe, with its fleet of covered, fully insured multi-car and dedicated single vehicle transporters.

For cars based outside of Europe, Straight Eight can securely and safely ship any vehicle around the world, whether by regular airfreight or containerised shipping by sea, encompassing all the necessary paperwork.

As official transport partner for HERO events, Straight Eight will also be offering their on-event breakdown recovery service for the HERO London – Lisbon rally, subject to a minimum number of competitors signing up to this service. There will be an additional charge for this service and it must be opted in to prior to the event.

Should their covered car transportation services be of interest for this event, please contact them directly on +44(0)2035 404929 or email: jeneen@straighteightlogistics.com for an individual quotation.




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